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COMERCIAL QUIMICA SARASA, S.L., we are Natural tartaric Acid Manufactures and we have two plants in Spain (Madrid and Girona) our product witch has been produced under quality standard based on ISO 9001. Our raw materials are coming only from vegetable extract so we can guarantee that our product is completely natural.


Natural Tartaric Acid

The natural tartaric acid appears in nature in free state or more frequently in form of acid potassium salts and in a lesser proportion as calcium salts in the mulberries, cucumbers and to a high degree in grapes.

Comercial Química Sarasa S.L. produces a completely natural tartaric acid, whose process of manufacture consists in the transformation of its natural tartaric salts (raw materials) with sulphuric acid and later purification.

Comercial Química Sarasa S.L. is the largest manufacturer in the production of natural tartaric acid at the world level. It counts on such tradition, experience and human capital that permits it to produce annually about 12,000 MT of natural tartaric acid divided between its two plants..

* Chemical Formula: C4H6O6

* CAS: 87-69-4

* Physical Aspect: Tartaric acid occurs as colorless or translucent monoclinic crystals or as a white fine to granular crystalline powder.

It is odorless and has an acid taste.

* Tartaric acid is stable to air and light.

* Chemical Name: L+ Tartaric Acid (Butanodioc 2, 3-dihydroxy acid).


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