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Welcome to .Our Arabica Green coffee bean export/import business are located in Bangkok Thailand.

Thailand's best arabica coffee bean are grown in the Northern mountain region of Doi Chaang (Elephant Mountain),Chiang Rai ,Thailand,
Here in the rainforest the Akha hill tribes live in harmony with nature .They have for centuries cultivated and farmed the rainforest in a sustainable way.The king of thailand heard about the uniqueness and came personally to help and sta
rt the coffee research in its early stages.
Today the coffee production is well established with a growing market share internationally.The organic Arabica coffee beans from Doi Chaang are one unique rarity.
We have Thailand coffee export licence from the (Ministry of Commerce Thailand). Our sister company are doing the logistics.This combination in our business structure makes the process of buying and exporting easy for all.
Please contact us at for a quotation ,we are happy to help you buy and import to your country.

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