SBL offers a comprehensive range of Geospatial services that address the varied needs of consumers, businesses, and government agencies.

Geospatial services is progressively applied in organizations today for its information-rich and greatly visual representations and interface that enables instantaneous critical decisions.

SBL’s Geospatial Services bring together Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Information Technology (IT) to provide you with powerful and unified solutions that can change the way your organization functions.

  • Land and property professionals use Geospatial data in land surveys, Building Information Modelling (BIM), Asset and Facilities Management, development planning, and strategic business decision-making.
  • AEC professionals use Geospatial data in detailed design work, 3D Surface and Wireframe models, Cross Sections, Rail, Road and Water infrastructure analysis, and attributed data models for BIM.
  • Mining professionals use Geospatial data to reduce the cost of mineral discovery, to improve both the access to and maintenance of assets, volumetric analysis and to help deliver on their Corporate Responsibility commitments.
  • Utilities professionals use Geospatial data to manage pipeline, telephone, sewage and overhead infrastructure through the use of attributed 3D modelling from Lidar or Aerial Photography and other Remotely Sensed Datasets.
  • Environmental organizations use Geospatial data to study asset or event parameters such as forest cover, tree species, weather, and seismic activities.
  • Government departments use Geospatial data for town planning, local services administration, demographic analysis, and a range of defense requirements.

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