Mavenick Consulting - Intelligent Automation Solutions

Mavenick Consulting specializes in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Machine Learning/ Deep Learning.

Our goal is to help our clients convert their operations into a competitive differentiation through deep and broad automation. This can only be achieved with a well thought out and relentlessly executed automation program that scales across the enterprise.

1) KlearStack - End to end automation of your supplier invoices without any templates and rules. This product utilizes Deep Learning in order to extract specific information from any supplier invoices irrespective of layout and fields. Unlock the end to end automation for invoice processing, without defining any OCR templates or rules! 100% more cost effective and accurate as compared to traditional template & rules driven solutions.
2) Digital Recruiter - 100% automated recruitment. Posting JD to your preferred job portals, sourcing profiles, monitoring applicants, 100% resume scanning and matching with JD (using NLP and ML), automated serving of online tests, shortlisting and online screening interviews, face to face interview scheduling. No human intervention once our ML model is trained. End to end automation to take the candidates through all stages of shortlisting, until the first face to face interview is scheduled.

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