Krish International FZC

Sheikh Zayed Rd
United Arab Emirates
+971 559 300 513

We are business consultants based in UAE with over 18 years of experience. 

We have been instrumental in developing the client business and fixing their business issues. Our role and responsibilities towards the clients were as under:

  1. Identifying the key problematic conditions of business and rectifying, suggesting ways to improve it.
  2. Monitoring processes and methods advised to be followed to ensure its successfully implemented and gives better results.
  3. Regularly reviewed Management systems and procedures to unearth the deficiencies/shortcomings against the target set. We successfully conducted the “Gap Analysis” in the Human Resource Department by advising replacement of non-performing staff which helped overall productivity when compared to the standard set by the company and in purchasing department, improved the cost savings further by eliminating middlemen and direct sourcing from the manufacturers by placing bulk orders, this reduced the purchase cost as compared to the initial target set.
  4. Managed clients projects and programmes diligently, to ensure each individual projects met overall strategic goals laid down by the company that is critical to the company’s continued success.
  5. Helped clients in people development, recruiting, retention, mentoring and professional development, talent management and regular training.
  6. Assisted in developing strategic plans, policies and procedures for each departments and the company as a whole.
  7. Promoted Business innovation, consumer service excellence, identified consumer behavior drivers.
  8. Encouraged employee workshops for better results and rewards.
  9. Streamlined processes & Systems, Minimized risk exposures, enhanced service quality, improved customer relations, strengthened competitiveness, Cost effective outsourcing strategies.
  10. Regularly discussing business and organizational shortcomings to make changes, improvement at the right time, thereby minimizing the risks of outdated processes, objectives and redundant policies which don’t match the prevailing economic conditions and assist in meeting objectives.
  11. Ensuring available resources are put to the best possible use for better results.
  12. Preparing and recommending proposals to revise or alter flow charts, redefine affected job functions and rectify problems.

We are the also the offshore company formation specialists, which is highly cost effective and the best for tax saving and planned management, as UAE is a tax free country which offers a very flexible business atmosphere.

Presently, UAE population is at 8 million, with the award of Expo 2020 hosting, we expect the population to climb upto 25 Million. These are the estimates.

We are supporting business people who are new to this country with proper guidance as myself I have stayed here for over 37 years. We do the business development for the new business people, and so far we have clients all over th globe and our client base is over 500 companies.

Looking forward to the clients to give our best services at all times.


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