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CodeSWAT is a team of highly-trained professionals who specialize in dealing with complex software development tasks. Founded in 2011, CodeSWAT has helped numerous businesses to develop and finely-tune their deployment and improve their business process quality. CodeSWAT offers services in application customization and development, integration and administration. All CodeSWAT developers and administrators are certified by

With our years of experience in helping businesses improve deployment, we have created a business model that helps us find the right professionals for your business. We believe that the selection process not only improves the trust between our clients and our organization, it also helps us understand the various needs of our clients.

CodeSWAT has a full staff of over 50 developers and administrators operating out of Belarus. Belarus is situated in the region that currently supplies the third-largest IT service export. Belarus is uniquely situated in an area where near-shoring is a real possibility, and service quality is up to the international standards in development. Through CodeSWAT’s Belarus office, CodeSWAT is uniquely positioned to provide exceptional value for the services that we offer.

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    +375 (17)2 403 727