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From 3i Consulting’s Ltd- One of the leading “Consulting Research and Insights firm" based out of UK and operate in South Sudan and East Africa, Uganda, Kenya, and Middle East markets, assisting most prominent None Profits organizations and Fortune 1,000 clientele, Consulting, Analytics and Research firms across the industries. To name a few of our clients whom we assist frequently can be found at our website: 3iconsulting.info 
We are excitedly looking forward to assisting you on your upcoming research projects to build a strong long-term relationship.
3i consulting`s specializes in the following areas:
Qualitative and Quantitative Research: B2B (C-Level, Key Opinion Leaders/Industry Experts Decision Makers), B2C, and Healthcare
Secondary/Desk Research,
Data Analysis and Reporting,
Questionnaire designing and localization,
Simultaneous Translation, and Transcription.

Third party monitoring and verification allows organizations to increase quality assurance of programming and meet standards set by donors, as well as providing beneficiary feedback mechanisms to improve accountability to communities. 3i Corporate provides these services in a variety of formats including on-going monitoring and periodic data collection.

A needs assessment takes place before program implementation and design, and looks at the community in which an agency is situated to help organizations understand the interests, attributes, and needs of different populations and people in the community. 3i Consulting’s staff of local researchers are handy for thorough assessments in challenging locations, without the need for translators.

3i Consulting provides baseline, midterm assessments for None Governmental Organization’s (NGO`S) as well as governmental agencies, in both urban and rural area across Africa. This includes evaluations with a focus on livelihoods and food security, agriculture, water, sanitation, and hygiene, healthcare, gender based violence, education, and media.

A market assessment is a rapid snapshot of which goods and services are available, and an idea of how satisfied consumers are with those goods and services offered in markets. 3i Consulting deliver market assessment and research at the grassroots level, as well as in-depth market research and manpower studies for private sector clients in major market locations across Africa`s major cities.

While typical research assessments may focus on various factors and indicators, opinion polling focuses exclusively on the views of the people. 3i Corporate conducts opinion polling to gauge popular perceptions in our areas of operation using local researchers and enumerators. As well, 3i Corporate partners with major organization around the world in the implementation of the opinions polls in our countries of operation.

Media & audience research provides significant and invaluable insight into reach & listening metrics, audience profiling, listening/viewing habits and preferences, and information needs assessments for static and vulnerable populations.

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