en+ is a fully integrated production house that provides reassuring solutions to a wide spectrum of industries. en+ was formed to address the growing gap between client requirements and supplier limitations in the region. The team at en+ takes pride in turning dreams into reality, from exhibition stands design and building, to create the right events production elements, adding the BTL productions, offset printing at the highest quality with the best prices.


Cannot be emphasized enough; it is the most important inspiration behind all our solutions. From design to mock-up to final implementation, top quality is the defining feature of en+ projects.


What is good work if it is not seen? The ability to deliver large quantities complements the drive for quality at en+. Good work may go unnoticed if we are unable to distribute it to its optimized scale. The true measure of success is large scale production – work that’s visible, widely circulated and impactful.


At en+ we understand time is money. en+ boasts of an efficient team of end-solution providers, designers and fabricators who are at hand to meet your tight deadlines. Quick turnaround on concepts and speedy processing is the hallmark of en+ work ethic.

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