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Toronto, M8Z 2S6
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Over the years creativiva has redefined the boundaries of performing arts and its genre in live entertainment. We have experimented horizontally and vertically performing in intimate settings as well as for thousands of people at the same time. We love to design and produce wide range of truly unique experiences - 360˚ degree theatrical experiences, 270˚ stage performances, aerial acrobatics,urban extravaganzas, circus-operas and interactive experiences.innovation, creativity and uniqueness are the stepping stones of our philosophy. Creativiva is dedicated to developing unique, original content for each of its clients. Our projects combine creativiva’s artistic craftsmanship, world renowned designers,specialized technical experts and the best professionally trained talent pool. We create, produce and deliver entertainment content for our clients all around the world.

At Creativiva, we make entertainment art. From conceptual design and artistic production to flawless execution, we produce custom experiences that delight and capture the imagination. What emotion do you want your audience to feel when they leave your event? Whatever it maybe - wonder, surprise, excitement - we will compose a unique performance that seamlessly reflects your brand, while leaving your guests with unforgettable entertainment experiences.

What can we do for you?

1. Consulting Services

From what, how, why and when... to become the best in the industry and drastically improve entertainment experience

2. Project management

Budgeting, time management, organizational structure, planning and coordinating

3. Design

Theatre design, architectural concepts, technology & specialized equipment, immersive and interactive multimedia design

4. Creation

Direction, dramaturgy, music composition, recording, set design, prop design, costumes & makeup, sound & light, SFX

5. Production

International casting, on/offsite rehearsals, testing equipment and props, implementing set design and technologies

6. Run & Operations

Run of the project, project and show management, artist management, show execution

Whether we craft a production for a long run or a single, exclusive performance, at Creativiva we design art-entertainment that looks and feels uniquely different. We create authentic experiences that push the limits of imagination and leave audiences breathless.

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