Protect Your Organisation Against the Ever-Evolving Threat of Cyber Attacks with an Integrated, Proactive Programme of Continuous Next Generation Penetration Testing.
Rootshell’s services and solutions bring together cutting-edge systems and dedicated personnel, with non-stop research and robust procedures that enhance, augment and optimise your organisational security strategy.
Our Prism services have been developed to provide your organisation with a continuous, real-time security strategy, offering greater protection against cyber threats. These can be delivered remotely, allowing your organisation to operate as usual, whilst maintaining, complimenting and enhancing your organisational security strategy.
Our Penetration Testing services are designed to assess the resilience of your organisation’s security controls by identifying how attackers could access your systems and data. By pre-empting these attacks, we can provide recommendations on how to improve your defences in the event of a real-life attack, helping you to protect what matters most.
We deliver our Prism services through the Rootshell Prism Platform. Prism Platform unifies all reporting, by offering a centralised place for you to keep track of the results from various services and projects you have employed. This includes the ability to add penetration test results from other organisations, enabling you to keep all current and past results in one place.

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