CNL IPSecurityCenter is trusted by the best-informed security operations around the world to provide proactive physical security management for mission-critical command and control. It supports autonomous local operations, integrating with any existing or future hardware and software.
We believe in a connected world, where security and life safety are not compromised by silos of information that cannot talk to each other. We believe that technology should take the complexity out of decision-making by integrating systems, people and processes.
With an estimated 30 billion internet connected devices globally by 2020, security must be ready to embrace a connected world. We work with the world’s leading manufacturers in their respective technologies to create a security integration and hardening platform that automates routine functions and provides operators with step by step guidance to manage complex processes.
IPSecurityCenter, our physical security information management software, improves emergency preparedness and drastically reduces the time needed to resolve incidents. The PSIM security platform makes use of your legacy systems to drive the total cost of ownership down significantly.
Additional benefits of our PSIM integration solutions include increased control, improved situational awareness and management reporting. IPSecurityCenter even creates a robust audit trial by tracking manual changes to your security system.

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