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 Plus UAE is a leading firm and business consulting company in Abu Dhabi. Plus UAE services based on experience with the large team and good management system. We have an accurate and up-to-date knowledge about the market changes, challenges, risks, and opportunities. We are working for several renowned clients and advising them regarding the business environment of UAE. With our services, the two or three-week procedures and the process could easily be done in days. Our expert representative will deal all the issues related to UAE government departments including Department of Economic Development, Ministry of Foreign affairs, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Labor, Department of Naturalization & Residency, Municipality, etc. We are here to provide efficient PROs for smooth and quick processing.

Our Services Include:

A.      All Types of Company Formation

B.      License Amendment/Renewal/ Cancellation

C.      Visa Services – Employment Visa/Investor Visa/Mission Visa/Tourist Visa

D.      Labor & Immigration Services

E.       Notary Public Online Services

F.       Document Translation Services

G.     Contractor/ Engineering Classification

H.      Certificate Attestation

I.        CICPA (Critical Infrastructure And Coastal Protection Authority )Security pass / GHQ Pass

J.        Commercial Agency Registration/Renewal

K.      Tenancy Contract Municipality Registrations

L.       ADNOC Vendor/Contractor registration

M.    Health Insurance Card for employees and investors

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