our general areas of practice include:

1.  Israeli company formation – easy, simple company formation for business operations in Israel.

2. Local bank account opening – We offer account opening with the client’s physical presence, or remote account opening (subject to the nature of business).

3. Working Visa Applications - For foreign investors and entrepreneurs, we offer a working visa to Israel. This visa practically allows you and your spouse and family to enter to Israel and work here for an extended period of time.

4. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency services – This subject is our expertise. We can make investment transactions happen. We act as escrows for transactions, and know how to make large investment transactions simple and easy. As lawyers, we draft the contracts, technically oversee the transaction, and help with the exchange to fiat currency such as USD or EUR. you can find more information in our website.

4. Legal Services and Contracts – we draft contracts, provide legal services for investment transactions. In fact, this is our main business.

5. Tech investments – we are have particular expertise in private equity investments, in Israeli start-ups and tech companies.

6. Real estate – we help clients purchase real estate in Israeli in all shapes and sizes.

7. Book keeping and accounting services – we have close ties with wide range of accountants for the new company, who can provide tax services to any client.


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