Av. Alicia Moreau de Justo, 1120
CABA, C1107

Since 1987, our clientes have placed their confidence in the skills and 
experience of our lawyers to advise them on a wide range of legal 
We represent the interests of clients from the industrial, commercial, 
technological, and service sectors, as well as those of private 
clients.Today, these include accident injuries, medical negligence, 
family law, wills & probate, commercial disputes and litigation, and 
business advisory services.
Our team of experienced lawyers aim to protect the legal rights of 
individuals and businesses involved in private or commercial disputes 
both in Argentina and Internationally, and many are recognised by 
professional as accredited specialists who have demonstrated 
exceptional knowledge in an area of practice.
Our commitment to providing a speedy and efficient response, adapted 
to the specific needs of each case, ensures our constant evolution and 
adaptation of the services we offer.
We are experienced trial attorneys and vigorous advocates for protecting 
your rights and your family's best interests. We provide the legal counsel 
and skill to help you resolve your legal matters quickly and at a cost that 
makes sense.
We help you understand how your decisions today will affect your life in 
years to come. Whether your legal issue requires the careful and 
competent drafting of an estate plan, intelligent divorce representation, 
fighting for compensation for negligent care in hospitals, or claims for 
disabilities, we are dedicated to a helping you find a successful 
We are proud of what we do. We are proud of the quality of legal 
representation we provide and of our reputation.Our greatest satisfaction 
is the trust and respect of the people we represent.
You deserve a counselor as well as an advocate. You deserve a 
representative who understands the importance of communication. We 
will present information clearly and concisely, not in legal-speak. You 
deserve to be involved in your case. We will stay in touch with you 
throughout the process. You can e-mail us or call us at any time. We are 
prepared to provide you with the personal attention you deserve. When 
you choose us, you can rest assured that we will be there for you. We do 
not believe in starting things we are not willing to finish. We do not 
believe in telling you we can do something if we are not prepared to do 

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