ProjectTMA Pty. Ltd

Collins St, 8
Brakpan, 1542

ProjectTMA is an organisation with 10 years’ experience training staff from all corporate levels Australia-wide to manage their work schedules using Microsoft Project, as well as building and maintaining project plans on their behalf.

Our involvement in Microsoft Project is twofold: firstly, we conduct Australia’s most comprehensive Microsoft Project training courses. Additionally, through our Microsoft Project consulting services we help our clients construct and maintain their Microsoft Project Gantt charts, and in many cases we’re called on to take over the entire management of their Microsoft Project schedule maintenance. The services we deliver are always driven by our client’s requirements.

As users of the software, we understand that Microsoft Project may, at first, present as complex, unintuitive software. Our aim is to turn novice or self-trained staff into confident, competent Microsoft Project users, who will be able to utilise this powerful software to manage their projects.
The pathway to best-practice use of Microsoft Project doesn’t necessarily revolve around software training. We know this because a substantial percentage of our clients have already had some exposure to Microsoft Project training and it didn’t solve their issues. Having both practical project management involvement as well as many years of Microsoft Project training and consulting experience, we understand what’s required in order for clients to use Microsoft Project as a forward-looking management tool.

We understand that the staff within your organisation will have different learning capabilities and requirements. Often, that may depend on their exposure to the computer environment in conjunction with their involvement in the project management process. Regardless of level, we’re able to conduct effective and relevant training for your workforce, with an emphasis on building user confidence.

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