Do you feel overwhelmed by the new cultural challenge after your recent move?  Have you just returned to your home country only to find out it’s not your home anymore?

Is your family stressed out by your recent relocation? Are you worried that integration into your new international community is taking too long?

Have the thrills of your recent move abroad given way to desolation? Or are you simply contemplating expatriation?

Moving to a foreign country can be fun and exciting. But the stack reality that sets in after the excitement can be very overwhelming. I know and understand the anxiety. I’ve been there. I'm here to enable you live a successful expatriation.

Life Coaching is a professional relationship between a Coach and his/her client, based on mutual trust. The Coach provides insight, direction and guidance needed for clients’ transformation. A life coach uses a facilitating approach through probing, committed listening and powerful questioning, to make his / her client realize that the answers they seek lie within them. Each session aims to identify client’s true voice with the aim to providing them with invaluable and empowering tools to achieve their goals and shape a better future for themselves. Contact me today for your free session.

                            What is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself ~Abraham Maslow.

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