Legal Beagle is Hong Kong’s leading provider of high quality, affordable online legal training that has been accredited by the Law Society of Hong Kong for RME and CPD requirements.
Legal beagle is Hong Kong's Leading online training & e-Learning solutions provider aiming to help legal professionals to stay updated with the latest changes or amendments to laws in Hong Kong. In order to shine among the best of the profession, it requires extra diligence and comprehension for a law professional to stand out in the crowd. We provide that extra edge with our courses that have been designed for solicitors who are partnering a firm, individuals who are practicing law without being a partner or trainees. What makes us stand out is the course structure which is made available online to every student who is a part of our programs irrespective of the limitations of time & place study.
The Course we offer are mentioned below:

1. Risk management Education Course Hong Kong( RME)

2. Legal CPD Courses Hong Kong

3. Online CPD courses for Solicitors

4. Profession Legal Training  Course

5. CPD Course Providers for Solicitors


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