Edge-Pro, is a "One-of-its-kind" new age platform for English fluency and personality development, that guarantees measurable improvement in a learner's fluency, confidence and complete personality, within 3 Months of regular guided practice; Measured and Certified by a globally recognized language assessment tool, CEFR [Common European Framework of Reference for Language]. 
Edge-Pro is a purely experiential blended learning program, i.e. it entails a language Lab with software and hardware, along with an Edge-Pro Certified Coach, which creates endless opportunities for a learner to practice, get feedback, repeat and improve: 
o Written English & Spoken English through interactive online content
o Overall Personality through various challenging activities like Story Building and Telling, Presentations, Mock interviews, Extempore, Group Discussions, etc. conducted by the batch coach
Edge-Pro spends every second on building skills sub-consciously, through repeated practice and feedback; rather than mere knowledge acquisition. 
Using modern-day technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Speech Recognition and Analytics, the software creates an English learning course content which customizes itself according to each student's pace, style and level of learning. 
While the Edge-Pro coach utilizes their expertise of experiential learning, instructional design along with the current knowledge and competence of the learners, to create an environment that fosters adequate repetition of practice and feedback through highly experiential and adequately challenging activities like, Extempore, Story Building and Telling, Mock Interviews, Group Discussions, Role Plays, etc. chosen according to the target audience (Depending on the specific Edge-Pro Program for the given audience). The trainer's talk time is limited to 20% in any Edge Pro Session. Thereby, focusing the valuable time of the session only to facilitate learning opportunities for the learners, experientially. 
The software ensures that a learner practices according to their unique study path created by the system, basis their performance in the initial test, meant with the purpose of analyzing the learner's unique training needs. No two students have identical content, which is like being tutored personally by a native English speaker, for 30-45 minutes every day and following it up with skill building activities. 
Please contact us at info.noida(at)edge-pro.in for detailed information.

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