Bepper B.V. Coaching

Bepper, a practice for Coaching 

A place for space, time and attention for you and your doubts, quests, frustrations, questions and more regarding your personal well-being and functioning at work and at home. 
If you want to change something in your situation you can greatly benefit from hiring a coach. A coach will help you setting your goals, finding out what’s keeping you from realising them and what is needed to get there. Everyone who is willing to take ownership of his own change is welcome in my practice.

We are there for everyone who runs into problems in work or private situations, has conflicts, reacts (too) emotional, doesn’t feel happy, can’t make decisions, feels insecure, makes the wrong choices or has difficulty expressing him- or herself. If you deal with issues that make you feel less than you can be you are welcome to challenge yourself and me.

We are specialized in:

  • Executive coaching
  • Coaching (step) parents and (step) children and those who are part of a blended or reconstituted family
  • Expats and their family members who can use some coaching in finding their way in their new environment and in the changes or difficulties they run into, privately or in their work environment.

In addition to coaching sessions in my practice, you can also use our online time. When you are in need of some immediate feedback or support or when you are abroad you can ask for an online session at any moment. You should have installed Skype or Facetime.

We also offer the opportunity to "practice" a difficult conversation that you have scheduled. It could be a job interview, a chat with a colleague or co-worker that you have a conflict with, but also matters in a more private setting. When you have a problem in your relationship with your partner, your infant, your parent and so on.

As an organization, you can also rely on Bepper. We can help make a team more effective and comfortable for employees to work in, by training the team as a whole as well as all the team members on an individual basis. Giving each and everyone of them the tools to overcome their conflicts, avoid miscommunications and learn how to enjoy working together. Acknowledge their differences and the way to put this in use.

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     Liesbeth Bouwhuis

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