ABCC is a Switzerland-based company, specialized in International Workforce Mobility and established since 2005. We offer a comprehensive range of services, assessments, training and coaching solutions for businesses, not-for-profit organisations, educational institutions and SME’s, to optimize their investment in international assignments. We take a holistic approach to global talent mobility, addressing both the logistics involved in the transfer of international assignees across countries AND their development. Whether it is to assess, prepare, relocate, integrate, develop or repatriate your global workforce and their families, we help you reach your objectives.

We offer our expertise in the following areas, spanning the whole international assignment cycle:

  • Candidate Readiness Assessment
  • Destination Services
  • Global Assignment Preparation Training
  • Language & Culture Programs
  • Spouse Career Assistance
  • Global Leadership Coaching
  • Global Business Skills Development
  • Repatriation Programs

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