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Surf2Ship is Sri Lanka's Premier Price Comparison Website. Price comparison websites, are sometimes also called a Comparison shopping website, price analysis tool, comparison shopping agent, shopbot or comparison shopping engine. Rankings on Surf2Ship are not for sale on our comparison engine. Every partner shop, whether global player or niche retailer, has an equal chance of reaching the highest position, simply by providing the best deal. Most importantly, we offer comparison services completely free of charge. Surf2Ship earns solely through our shops and margins on shipping.

Ever since we shifted our shopping lines online, we have come to expect a certain degree of persistent innovation. It is in moments of great progress that consumers really shape the direction of the market, though. This is one such moment. Surf2Ship represents a giant leap forward in price comparison platforms, offering something that no other platform has ever offered before: cross border shipping. Now, you will no longer find yourself (or your deal hunting) limited to the confines of your home country. You can shop internationally, and Surf2Ship will take care of all the details.

Whereas you would run into barriers or a dearth of options on other price comparison platforms, that is never going to be a problem on Surf2Ship. Rather, Surf2Ship grants you total control over your shopping, keeping shipping costs low for you, our valued users. Our founder Ravidu Mario Weerakoon has partnered with Dart Global Logistics in order to make this venture work, and dating to our launch in July 2018, we have stirred up considerable buzz.

Our primary goal is to provide you with the best price every time for all who wants to compare prices in Sri Lanka. Our global reach & partnership is one our main uniqueness as a price comparison website in Sri Lanka.


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