Avitus Group offers a family of business solutions including, outsourced bookkeeping, payroll services, human resource consulting, benefit administration, tax planning and preparation, recruiting services, business evaluation, and training services in Denver, Colorado.

Listening to the desires of our customers, Avitus Group has expanded its offerings over the years to provide "corporate-style" advantages to the average business owner/employer.

Excellent service, a unique business model, and loyal customers (now called members) have grown Avitus Group into a national company known for providing home-town service. That's why the phrase "I feel like their only customer" is commonly heard and that is our goal.

If we were forced to pick one characteristic of Avitus Group that is unique, it would come down to our staff.  They really care.  It is very important that the relationship each member desires to have with Avitus Group is fulfilled exactly that way.  In other words, if a member wants a lot of communication and continuous contact then they get it.  If a member wants minimal contact except when they need it, then they get that.

Our staff is very sensitive to the desires of the membership.  We build bonds and true loyalty of the Avitus Group members through superior service.  Want to see for yourself?  Call 1-877-840-9945 and find out what we are all about.  You will soon find out that we are all about you.


    Doug McIsaac
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     Doug McIsaac

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