The Presidents Club International

Marbella, 29604

The TPCI Story


Our original intention was to offer much needed guidance and advice to community presidents; hence the name of the company. We knew that there was a real deficit in information available to community presidents and, since not all volunteers for community roles have prior knowledge of the demands and obligations of the position, there was an even greater need for expert advice.


Anyone who is a homeowner can take on the role of President, or be elected to the board as a Committee member so much of the information we provide might be useful to all our members one day! Some Presidents don’t speak Spanish, and some don’t even live here on a permanent basis, which poses another set of problems.  


A legally run community

The Costal del Sol has a big expat community and if the community is well run then the properties within that community are more attractive and that boosts prices. This is something we all want to see. A president can make or break a community - TPCI wants to make them even better by showing them how things should be done, and legally!


Our panel of experts

We have panels of experts from all the professional walks of life that a community might ever need - accountants, administrators, architects, a chief of police, a notary, economists, auditors and other specialists in pools, insurance, debt collection etc.  Every one of them is essential for the running of a thriving community.


An all-inclusive network

We started by only offering help to presidents but we have had so many enquiries from homeowners that we have decided to open our doors to everybody: presidents, residents, non-residents, tenants, tourists, transient visitors – basically anybody who comes to the Costa del Sol


Business Directory and Special Offers

We know the maze of information and different regulations are difficult to navigate when you arrive. You might want to know “How will I get a phone line?” or “Where is the best locksmith?”  That’s why we’ve set up our exclusive Business Directory of trusted providers, who are Alliance members of the TPCI. Because they are part of TPCI they will give our members special discounts and special offers.


Interesting topics

TPCI organises topic-led discussions on a variety of subjects that we know are of interest to our members: community law, administration, accounts, debtors, pools and licensing laws, security, insurance, driving in Spain, finance and banking, taxation, pensions, schools, medical care etc. Plus, if you’ve got suggestions for topics, please tell us and we’ll find an expert.


Social gatherings and charitable events

TPCI would like to create a place where our members can mingle, so we are arranging all kinds of special events from golf tournaments to wine-tasting events. We also want to support local charities, so if you have a personal interest in one, or are involved with a charity, please ask us about organising an event.  Check our website and Facebook page for up to date information about events.


TPCI - always evolving!

TPCI is always expanding and developing new products for our members. Due to the level of enquiries in our Marbella office, we have opened satellite panels of experts along the coast and increased opportunities for Alliance members. Right now we are working on a special discount card for our members that will offer instant discount on presentation at restaurants and stores. If you have post problems, we’re an official Offex point, so we can take care of your mail. We are also working on an online magazine and international expansion. You could say “It’s all go!”


The Presidents Club International is evolving all the time because we do listen to our members. With your help we’ll create a truly useful organisation for communities on the Costa del Sol…and beyond!


We look forward to meeting you!


With our very best wishes


TPCI team

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