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Outsource2india is a global corporation offering solutions in diverse fields such as IT, data science, outsourcing, data entry, photo editing, call center, and mortgage, among others. Founded in 1999 by Ralph Budelman, a young at heart visionary and a business backpacker, the company initially started its marketing efforts by writing about the ability in India to provide skilled software engineers, data entry workers, and technology advisories, among others to global corporations. This new content was being uploaded on a site called “Outsource2india.com” and the results were dramatic, to say the least. Tech-savvy customers searching for better and more cost-effective business solutions found the company through their search engines. Later, Ralph handed over the reins of Outsource2india to a group of Indian entrepreneurs who took the company forward

Toady O2I is committed to using technology to help businesses enhance efficiency and productivity, streamline processes, save time, increase bottom lines, and remove obstacles related to global distances. The company offers 15+ types of services spread across disciplines.

From multiple global delivery centers, 3500+ employees of Outsource2india and its associate companies have helped more than 18488 customers across 167 countries to enhance efficiency and productivity, cut costs, and get their work delivered on time. The ISO 9001-certified company firmly believes that there is always a better way to do business and has put its weight behind this idea, which has yielded tremendous results.

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