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Welcome to MLM ESSANTE ORGANICS. Here you will find brief summaries of pertinent information about hundreds of MLM, Direct Selling, Direct Sales, Network Marketing and Party Plan Companies. As a general matter, the summary information is derived from Company published information, generally posted at Company websites, public information releases or posts at industry trade sites.

The company is based in Phoenix, Arizona. Essanté Organics used to be named Essanté Worldwide.

Impact on the Industry
Essanté Organics’s website states that it has been invited or re-invited to the Red Carpet events, such as the Oscars, MTV Music Awards, and the Screen Actors Guild Awards. 

The company also states that it has been featured in magazines such as Elle, OK Magazine, Vogue, among others, totaling over 100 different features in both national and international magazines.

Essanté Organics has been featured on television eleven times.

Discussion of Products
Essanté Organics states that it is 100-percent green and has a product line that is completely based on organics. Organic products are sold in the categories of pH nutrition, weight loss and fitness, personal care, and home and laundry.


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