LINK ENERGY EST., is a Government of Fujairah owned downstream petroleum company, headquartered at Fujairah, United Arab Emirates. LINK ENERGY is established to stream line the supply of best quality fuel at a reasonable price.  With this we intend to bridge the gap between    production and distribution, and pass on the benefit to our clients.

We are rated as one of the fastest growing company in UAE and within a short year of journey we have established our name for strategic business in Oil Trading, Bunkering and Marine Shipping & Logistics

Our ambition is to expand and explore more of our strategic business and to become one of the major player in the oil trading industry.

Our technically advanced modern terminal has a huge storage capacity, and is strategically located at Fujairah port, Jebel Ali – Abu Dhabi, and Hamriyah Sharjah



LINK ENERGY EST., is currently engaged in diversified areas of Oil petroleum and lubricants trading within UAE, GCC, MENA and Central Asian refineries and trading companies. We supply premium quality of Diesel Gas Oil, Fuel Oil, Base Oil, Bitumen and Lubricants to wholesalers, distributors, traders and end users. A few of our high profile partners are shipping and marine companies, logistics providers, manufacturing and heavy industries.

We maintain persistent and exciting market relationship with our valuable clientele. Having strong relationships coupled with excellent professional bond with our supply chain are the core values of our business.



Though based in Fujairah, we do cater to the demand of our customers in other emirates like Abu Dhabi, Dubai as well as Jebel Ali, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah and Umm Al Quwain. With our dedicated staff, we maintain and retain our customers by giving them timely and unmatched services



We offer an extensive range of oil petroleum products for bunkering and industrial use. Our products are tested and ensure premium quality.  We sell and export the following refined petroleum products below:

  • Gas Oil – a hydrocarbon oil used as a fuel oil, especially a petroleum distillate intermediate in boiling range and viscosity between kerosene and lubricating oil.  There are 3 different types of Gas Oil namely, heavy, medium weight and diesel distillate.  Our quality standard often exceeds DMA specifications ISO8217 and our typical Gas Oil has flash point of 70, Sulphur 0.0008 (ISO 8754), water content less than 0.01 (ISO 3733) and often a maximum freezing point of -9°C.
    • Gas Oil – 500 ppm
    • Gas Oil – 10 ppm, High Sulfur/MGO, Diesel D2
  • Fuel Oil – 380 CST
  • Fuel Oil – 180 CST
  • Lube Oil
  • Bitumen – is a crucial component of the asphalt we use to build roads, and holds our city streets together and connects cities and countries across vast distances.  Bitumen is vital to all kinds of small and large construction and infrastructure projects.  Farms used bituminous paints and disinfectants on a number of different surfaces such as water proofing solutions.  Bitumen based lubricants play a role in many industrial situations and is vital component in a range of products from preservatives to plastic and sealants.  We offer the following types of Bitumen below:
    • Bitumen Grade 60/70
    • Bitumen Grade 40/50
    • Bitumen Grade 80/100
    • Bitumen Grade 85/100
    • Bitumen MC - 70
    • Bitumen MC - 30
  • Base Oil – are used to manufacture products including lubricating grease, motor oil and metal processing fluids.  We have the following types of Base Oil below:
    • SN-500
    • SN-150
    • SN-200
  • Lubricants – is a substance introduced to reduce friction between surfaces in mutual contact, which ultimately reduces the heat generated when the surfaces move.  We have the following type of Lubricants below:
    • Diesel Engine Oil / Automobile
    • Marine Engine Oil 340, 440, 540
    • Gear Oil GP
    • Hydraulic Oil



Link Energy Est., open a new division for ship chartering services that provide a full chartering solution that is packed with expertise, knowledge and commitment to our valued customers and endure the proper chartering services. We offer a significant fleet of vessels for long and short term charter and spot voyage basis and ensure that our ships comply with the appropriate shipping safety conventions and are fully approved to undertake the proposed delivery.

Our Motor Tanker ships “Dawn 1” and “Al Heera” have a capacity of 10,000 MT which are designed to transport Gas Oil and Fuel Oil.

Our Motor vehicle ships “Soha Folk” and “Dibba” are dedicated to cater for ship chandlers activities.

The shipping and logistic service is manage by AH International Shipping Agent LLC, which is lead by Mr. Abdullah Abdullah Al Dhanhani



Our adherence to uncompromising professional service and commitment to regulate unscrupulous pricing sets us apart in terms of our delivery and pricing. The multilingual professional team is led by Mr. Ahmed Abdullah Shukralla Al Dhanhani, Managing Director, who is a respected name in the UAE petroleum industry having 25 years of experience in the industry with in depth knowledge of industry standards and challenges.



At LINK ENERGY EST., our endeavor is to offer pure and unadulterated energy solutions that meet international standards. We are committed to traditional business ethics to ensure trust and loyalty of our clients.



LINK ENERGY EST., is an environmentally responsible company. The effective elimination, curtailment and management of the environmental impact of our operations are our utmost priority. Emphasis is placed on critical risk assessment of all high, medium and low risk tasks before the Commencement of any tasks. Storages are protected from any kind of natural or manmade disaster. Our staff is fully trained to use required safety equipment and clothing during the operational hours of their job.

AS we embark on our endeavor to provide pure and affordable energy solutions in UAE, join us to make UAE an environmentally a better place to live, and commercially a better place to practice best business ethics.

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