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We are one of the most dynamically-growing producers of commercial cooling solutions in Europe. We have built a brand whose innovative products, quality and design are recognized both in Poland and on the international market.

The worldwide success of IGLOO is proof that we have found the ideal formula for growth. From the very beginning, when the vision of our designers is translated into the language of technology, each of our designs is guided by one goal: to offer an innovative, efficient product fully tailored to the individual needs of its owner. Our collaboration with clients is based on developing effective solutions that bring added value to their business, generating substantial benefits.

The strength of customized solutions

Our clients consist of both large and small retail chains as well as petrol stations, shops, restaurants and bars, and other locations where cooling and heating devices are needed. IGLOO products can be found everywhere that durability, reliability, energy efficiency and functionality are required, delivered in a modern, aesthetically pleasing and ergonomic form. Years of cooperation with companies from a wide range of fields and industries have given us in-depth knowledge about each of them, allowing us to develop products dedicated specifically to their needs. Additionally, our modern production lines operating under the principles of lean production give every client the opportunity to order products made to individual specifications.

Beauty within your reach


A team of professional designers works to ensure our products delight users with their ergonomics and style. We make use of the latest advances in technology to enhance both the efficiency of our devices and their visual appeal. Product presentation is of fundamental importance in consumers' choices. The styling of our products supports effective exposition, and their outstanding functionality ensures quick and easy access to goods on offer.

Success built on client satisfaction

The care we take to ensure our devices offer the highest quality has led to the housing of all design and production processes in our factories. Our operations are overseen by a large team of highly-qualified specialists. IGLOO products fulfill the highest standards, as demonstrated by European certificates of quality. We take a comprehensive approach to our work – from design, through production, to assembly and full post-sales service. Rapid and secure transport is assured by our logistics department and cooperating international carriers. We are a leader on the Polish market, and our aspiration is to become one of Europe's leading producers of commercial cooling solutions.

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