IBC&S - International Business Communication & Services

IBC&S is an International Business Development, Sales & Corporate Communication agency that centralizes different departments into a one-stop boutique agency. 

Due to the extensive professional experience of its director and founder acquired in several countries of Europe, Africa, North America, South and Central , Asia and the Middle East IBC&S was stablished on January 2017.

IBC&S is available to anyone who needs assistance in business development, sales , Communication and / or have plans for growth, expansion and diversification. We could clearly identified the opportunity to serve national and international clients in a more strategic way, assisting companies and teams as a partner-agency and more than as provider-seller.

Companies and brands need stories that are strong enough to be (re) told. These stories have to be anchored to a defined base so that they can develop further. IBC&S not only work on the development  of  Sales & corporate communication tools, products, services  & strategies, but also manage them as an external commercial department that's the main competitive advantage of working with a one stop business development boutique agency.

All this with very clear bases and principles: personalized service, strategy in the selection of brands and companies and partnerships, plan, organize & assign the time of execution by project / s and estimation on approximate time to obtain results, basic values ​​of our differentiation.

IBC&S -Assisting companies & team to move forward.

 Do not hesitate to contact us, IBC&S It's your hub!

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