FAMEBO.COM is a unique social network talent search and fan site designed to create exposure for great talent and will soon be the destination spot for the hottest new talent worldwide. Entertainers will get a lot more than friends on this site… they get fans! FAMEBO aggregates and connects agents and employers with the up-and-coming talent market. FAMEBO's unique platform promotes each member and enables them to sample their music, portfolio, and videos in an online entertainment community full of aspiring people who seek stardom and fame

Now, talented entertainers and models have a place to call their home. Starting March 2017 famebo.com many features include music, video, photos, and document uploads for its members. Talented members will be able to set up their own photo album and blogs. Participate in the forum and chat with their fans. Special groups are set up to concentrate on our member's special interests and while they are making and growing fans; take advantage and upload music clips, photo calendars, music and dance videos and more in our online classifieds. FAMEBO will add new and exciting resources such as music video production, professional photography, talent coaches, fashion advice, and other services to name a few.

Endorsement media and Famebo , launched this site when they realized that there were not enough “dedicated” and feature-rich talent search social networks. There are many sites out there, but very few that enable its members to “really” build their fan base while at the same time promoting their talent.

The growing trend of new talent is upon us! Since the beginning of popular reality shows like, So America Top Model, You Think You Can Dance, and America’s Got Talent; the craze to be famous is what’s on every young and old and talented person who thinks they have what it takes. The roadblocks are weakened now and access to the “right” people comes as easy as making it on the right show. Well, FAMEBO can be that extra boost that is needed for one of them to give our member that important call.


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