Dry Ice Africa

Vonkprop Rd, 259
Pretoria, 0184
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Dry Ice International has been recognised as the leader in dry ice manufacturing, distribution and dry ice blast cleaning in South Africa, as well as other parts of Africa since 1994.
We can deliver dry ice all over the countrythanks to our network of retail depots in most provinces.
Furthermore, Dry Ice International has more than fifteen years of experience in the area of dry ice blast cleaning in a diverse range of industries such as mining, car and tyre manufacturing, rail, printing, plastics production, substation disaster recovery and electrical generation, transmission and distribution. We use a wide range of dry ice blasting machines. Free consultations are available to determine your specific needs to choose the right machine, nozzle and compressor. In addition, dry ice pellets are manufactured in various sizes to the highest standards in the world. 

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