Giving your customers what they want should be the number 1 priority for every business. Most companies do not have an effective channel for their customers to provide feedback. By making it easy and fast for customers to provide feedback they will tell you what they like and what they don’t like every day.

Companies who actively listen to and engage their customers in ongoing feedback, grow faster and ahead of their industry averages because they know more and adapt faster.

Happy customers tell you what they like and what you need to do more of.

Unhappy customers are a source of your greatest learning as well as a great opportunity to fix any issues directly. Customer Radar provides a real time opportunity to retain their future business and create a new advocate of your company.

Enabling customers to give feedback easily also reduces the likelyhood of unhappy customers sharing issues with the world on social media. The direct feedback keep the information private between you and your customer.

Feedback is fast and surveys are slow. Companies often mistake running surveys as having a customer feedback programme. Most customer will only complete a survey once. Customer Radars 15 second feedback method means customers will happily provide feedback many times. This results in a higher response rate and more accurate information at every point you measure in your company which enables better decision making. 


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