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Citadel Technology is the next generation of hosted desktops, allowing people to access a digital workspace from the comfort of their own home, whilst still working on growing your business. Our focus is on making technology simple, enhancing your security and allowing you to just work. By doing this, our clients can focus on their customer driven objectives and there IT staff can focus on business tasks and applications.

Our secure and flexible hosted desktop can be virtually accessed anywhere, anytime and on any device - all you need is a computer and an internet connection. We aim to save each of our customers time and money with a hosted desktop that is bespoke to your company requirements.

We will solve your problems by offering continuous support and advice along the way, ensuring that all your applications are up-to-date so you never have to stop. With encrypted cloud back-ups and minute-by-minute monitoring for threats, your data's safety and security is one of our top priorities.

But most importantly, the Citadel team care about your business. We offer each customer the same amount of dedication and time so that we can work alongside you to assist in your bussiness' growth. It is simply more than a hosted desktop, it is a hosted business - the right choice for the business on-the-go, for businesses transitioning to work from home during and after COVID-19 or for businesses preparing for the next generation to come.

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