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Here at JobRock, we understand there’s a new way of working.

That’s why we created JobRock to cater for a modern employment framework that suits both employers and job-seekers.

If you’re an employer, we know that you want a more cost-effective solution to finding staff while still having access to a premium service and high-quality online platform.

If you’re a job-seeker, we get that you wanted a place to find a ‘job’ - not necessarily a career. We realised you wanted a place where you feel comfortable and not intimidated if you don’t have a degree or higher qualifications.

That’s why we built JobRock. Our mission is to provide a quality service for general service staff, a hub for the ‘worker bees’, or perhaps the university educated graduate who wants a job while they seek their dream professional job.

JobRock is for the tradies, the hospitality staff, the baristas, the cleaners, or anyone else who works in the service, hospitality or trade jobs.



Because we’re more affordable to advertise jobs than our competitors and we’re all about real jobs for real people.

We want to eliminate the feeling that many people get when searching for jobs on the big, super-competitive websites. 

If you’ve ever felt a little uneasy or intimidated because you don’t quite have a filing cabinet full of qualifications and experience, JobRock is for you.  Our aim is to make you feel comfortable, welcomed and relaxed, regardless of your education level or qualifications.

We also have a special function called ‘drop resume’. Instead of seekers walking the streets to hand out your resume, JobRock allows you to simply search for your preferred employer and use the ‘drop resume’ button to drop off your resume and a cover letter to let the employer know you are interested in future employment with them. No other site has this function.

Besides all of that, we also have a cool rock logo!      

Here at JobRock, we want to be the ‘go to’ site for the type of people who simply want to find a job, any job, to help pay their bills. We support flexibility and open up a world of choice for both employers and job-seekers.

A big part of the work we do here at JobRock is to encourage employers to offer free on-the-job training to help people gain the skills they require for their current job, as well as future work they may undertake.

Our fresh new portal is easy to use, and everybody can manage their recruitment activities from their own password protected account.

So, that’s us. Now it’s over to you and your search for a new job or a new staff member.

Because you rock!

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