APACRIM Middle East

A Global company is in its Pre-Launch stage in the Middle East. Our group (Pacific Rim Marketing Group) has been in business for 20 years. We do business in 37 countries. The company which manufactures our products has a solid 30 year record and operates in 73 countries, with a turn over of 3.9 Billion US in 2009. The company is also listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Our project is set to launch in Qatar shortly. We will also be launching into Lebanon, Egypt, Oman, and UAE. That will be followed by the rest of the Middle East.
Timing and positioning in business is everything.

We are looking for people whom we like and trust, that we could work with. We will start building a base in your area, but the focus is going to be the rest of the Middle East. You also need to have some interest in Health and Nutrition.

Abdel Raouf Elagaty

skype: abdel.elagaty
Mobile: +61424155252
Fixedline: +613 90990118

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