Welcome to Xilch blog. This is an exciting time for us at Xilch as we launch our official website and offer this service to you. Here at Xilch blog, we aim to provide you with the latest information on our services as well as give you insights and tips on accounting, financial management, budget strategies, and other related topics that matter.

Before anything else, allow us to give you a short background on how Xilch came to be and the people behind it.

We initially created Xilch to provide SMEs with the proper and easy tool to better manage their financial matters. As cloud-based services are on the rise, what better way to meet this need than to take advantage of the cloud for the benefit of business professionals. Thus, we partnered with Xero, which is one of the world’s leading accounting solution to empower professionals like you with a tool that will make your life easier.

Combining our Xero certification with years of professional experience in accounting and entrepreneurship, we believe we are better equipped in helping your business grow. Our pool of accountants along with co-founders Dan McGrath and David Barlow are very excited to have you try our service and we hope that this will be the beginning of a great business relationship.

Feel free to browse through our site for any service updates and news on Xero and provide us feedback. We would be happy to hear your comments and suggestions as we continue to improve our service.

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