From birth to death, learning never stops. There's a balance you have to figure out, it never hurts to learn new skills but, it's also important not to end up as a jack of all trades and master of none. That being said, you have to start somewhere when learning something new and build from there. There are so many ways to learn something new, read a book, and watch a documentary, academia, online /distance learning, YouTube, instruction guides and much more.

Understanding the importance of continuous professional development and honing ones skills is vital for progression. We all like self-improvement. We all like getting things for free. SBS initiative with the sbs101solutions is an award winning platform that allows those with any amount of existing knowledge - big or small, to improve their digital marketing skills. Whether it's to help with marketing their products or businesses or to drive freelance trade, or just from curiosity, the sbs101solutions course has many benefits. Those taking the course can even personalize to suit their needs/interests, however, if you complete the whole course, you get a fancy certificate from SBS that you can add to your LinkedIn account and CV.

Here's my list of key reasons to complete the sbs101solutions marketing course:

  1. Regardless of your existing skills and knowledge of digital marketing, you will learn something from this course. I've studied social media and marketing for many years, however, there were several hints and tips on the course I found very useful.
  2. No matter your background or intended career path, the applications of the knowledge that can be gained from the course is practically limitless. It could be used by freelancers and small businesses wanting to improve their digital marketing, it could be used by somebody with an interest in social media or by marketing and communications officers within larger corporations.
  3. It's not your average online learning experience, there's videos, graphics, questions, quizzes and more. The look and contents of the course keep things fresh throughout.
  4. It looks great on your CV. On completion of the course, you get a certificate from Google and the qualification automatically adds to your LinkedIn achievements! Other than showing your skills and knowledge of the subject, it shows you're keen to improve yourself wherever possible.
  5. With Digital Garage, you can personalize your learning experience, Upon signing in to the course, the user is able to select what topics they wish to learn about and can add them to their plan depending on their needs and interests.

So there you go, there are my five reasons for you to take a look at the digital marketing course offered by sbs101solutions. I am certain you won't regret taking the time to complete the course and adding a new qualification to your CV.

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