Starfish is the leading micro influencers agency to boost your brand.

Starfish is the leading micro influencers agency that helps brands to reach millions of people. As an influencer, you can find jobs from the brands and get rewarded.


Influencers marketing works because people trust people. Social media influencers have developed an online reputation in their niche, which makes them effective online brand ambassadors. Their followers trust their advice and recommendations, and influencers reciprocate by only featuring brands, products, and services that they can personally vouch for. 
Influencers enable brands to reach people who prefer organic first-hand testimonials and experiences that they can relate to, rather than paid online advertisements. In addition, collaborating with an influencer can aid a brand's efforts to penetrate a new social networking site and niche - they can leverage an influencer's existing audience base to boost their own, or further expand their existing reach and influence. 
Partnering with reputable social media personalities can also be a brand's solution to stimulating more conversational and personal connections with users, which can promote better brand loyalty and customer conversion. 

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