LED Advertising Truck - The newest, hottest & incredible Form of Outdoor Advertising.

We offer unique and creative ideas and opportunities to carry out your brand and messages to the hottest spots in the city of Toronto to hit a huge number of your target audiences. Introducing the Fastest way to grow your brand popularity with the leader in Outdoor Advertising since 2005 and delivering high impact digital advertising solutions for a wide range of companies throughout Canada The “Smart Corporation”.

Our largest mobile billboard with HD LED Screen that has a perfect day & night visibility in all-weather attracts more attention with high quality pictures, videos, slideshows, graphic animations and more. It has also computer system on board that allows edits or changing of ad content remotely without stopping the truck. Also loaded with GPS tracking system with high accuracy to track and follow your advertising campaign.


Our LED outdoor trucks have the unique ability to be moved around the city to reach thousands of targeted viewers which enables us to convey advertisements that are accuracy focused to particular areas.


Target more of your audience's attention with pictures, videos, slideshows, graphic animations and much more. This innovative method of Outdoor Advertising is unique, impossible to miss and seldom ignored.


Pay much less than conventional advertising media with much higher ROI. Prices start as low as 10¢ per second. Packages for small business starting from $450 per month. And the best part is there are no print or installation fees involved.

Are you ready to get noticed? Contact us to get in touch with one of our Outdoor Media Consultant or visit our website to check out more options & features of our LED Truck – An Innovative Way of Outdoor Advertising.

Promote Your Brand Right where your customers are!



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