Rays and Rods

රාජකීය උද්‍යානය, 288/12 Z4
ශ්‍රී ජයවර්ධනපුර කෝට්ටේ, 10100
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+94 112 873 604

We are a fully accredited, multi-award-winning advertising business that develops fiercely original ideas and concepts to elevate the brands we represent. We are just 16 years old, and with a 23-member, industry-experienced staff, we dominate the advertising and media industries in terms of innovation, service levels, capabilities, production quality, efficiency, and effectiveness. Our unrivalled "clout" and resources enable us to provide the best rate offers and the best planning and research tools. We seize every chance to create amazing advertising concepts, media purchase strategies, and media planning that work across platforms to provide value and increase ROI. We do all of our business with honesty and transparency.

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