Clout Marketing is a Perth marketing and creative consultancy with a digital first approach. We offer a full service marketing offering including, strategy, branding, creative, SEO, Web Development, Social Media, Digital Advertising, SEM/Adwords

In our multi-screen, multi-channel world it’s critical to recognise that a customer’s most influential interactions with your brand are in the digital space. This engagement spans web/apps, email, advertising, SEO, paid search, social, review channels, blogs (and the list goes on). Your company’s digital footprint is a culmination of how well you’re represented across these channels.

Your prospective customers are sourcing more information, reviews and opinions, long before making an enquiry and moving to the next stage in their purchase journey with your brand. This information gathering and self-education is often delivered in environments where you don't have 100% control e.g. social, review sites and blogs. Whether you like it or not 70% – 85% of people trust these sources of information according to Nielsen.

Clout Marketing capitalise on this digital opportunity with digitally led, user-centric marketing and branding strategies, delivering effective and efficient digital brand footprints and customer experiences at every stage of their buying journey – leading to real business results.

Traditional marketing
Traditional (non-digital) marketing still plays a key part of Clout Marketing’s recommendations and plays a key role in the buyer journey. That may be through mass media advertising to get reach and awareness (TV, radio, outdoor) or other tactics to build customer engagement through the use of sales office design/fitouts, brochures, signage, video/360VR and photography.

About Us
Clout Marketing has over 15 years experience delivering results across more than 30 different business categories. We have developed a deep understanding and passion for creative marketing opportunities that can be applied at different touchpoints of the buying cycle to maximise customer engagement and results.

We have experience with the planning and executing a variety of successful strategies for a range of businesses include;

  • Retail
  • Aged care homes across Australia
  • Home builders
  • Land estates
  • Apartment developers

The team is comprised of experienced and passionate experts in Marketing Strategy, Design, Web development, SEO, Google Adwords, Social Media and Content Production. As a client of Clout you can look forward to having a tailored team according to your requirements – ensuring the most relevant and efficient approach to your work.

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