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Erase doubt with DNA Test

Brashan DNA offers fast & affordable Peace of Mind, Immigration, and Legal DNA Testing, including Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity, Twins, Siblings, Y-chromosomes, and many more.

The Peace of mind Paternity DNA test allows you to find out with certainty if you are the father or not. Furthermore, it can prevent you from having to pay child support for a child that is not biologically yours.

A simple DNA test can save you a lot of trouble down the road. Imagine if you found out years after you have been paying child support, that the child is not yours. This can cause you a lot of stress and legal expenses, to have to fix a mistake from the past.

To confirm the biological father of a child for your peace of mind, you can collect your DNA test samples using our paternity test kit in the comfort of your own home. Follow four simple steps: buy your collection kit, painlessly collect your cheek cell DNA samples, post them back to our laboratory and receive your results by email.

Our Non-Invasive prenatal paternity DNA testing provides the most accurate way to determine the paternity of a baby before birth. It uses a state-of-the-art process that combines the latest DNA technology and unique methods of preserving the baby’s DNA, which is naturally found in the mother’s bloodstream after 7 weeks into the pregnancy. While pregnant, this DNA test uses a simple blood sample from the mother and does not require a needle to be inserted into the womb. Two mouth swabs are also needed from the alleged father and mother.

Our non-invasive Twin DNA Test can quickly determine whether multiple children are identical or not. In addition, some people buy DNA (zygosity) profiles as a unique gift idea for parents expecting twins or their children. 

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