German International School of The Hague

van Bleiswijkstraat 125
The Hague, 2582
Netherlands Εμφάνιση χάρτη
+31 703 549 454

The German International School is one of six international schools in The Hague. As a consequence of the international atmosphere of this European city, there are around 6,000 children living here whose parents work in international organisations, such as the United Nations, the European Union and NATO, or for multinational companies.

The German International School offers pupils and parents an island of German culture and German education at the highest level, albeit with a strong international orientation and a worldwide perspective.

The German International School offers pupils a German education at all levels and is the only school in The Hague preparing students for the German "Abitur" qualification. The Abitur is among most highly valued university matriculation examinations, thus opening the way for a top class university education anywhere in the world.

You will find a very friendly atmosphere in the German International School, where the education of all our pupils is fostered by intensive and individual support.

A further advantage is the central location of the school in the well-preserved and historic "Statenquartier" of Scheveningen, with its proximity to the beach and to countless international institutions.

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