Typing Fingers is the touch-typing app for children and beginners that provide creative tutorials for learning and improving typing skills in a fun way. It has features like beautiful design and peaceful music that encourages them to learn typing with enjoyment. Typing Fingers has the tutor named Dennis that teach you throughout the 32 levels with his voice switching facility over 7 languages.

Moreover, it has two modes in each level out of which one level is of type learning tutorial in the beautiful voice of Dennis and other is learning game for kids. The game is a cheering way for kids to learn the typing with fun. We also provide a Foriero Diploma to the students after successful completion of 32 tutorial tests.

Typing Fingers comprises of two versions; free and paid. In the free version, the first three levels are free of cost for demonstration. Our typing Fingers app is now available at all leading online stores.

So Hurry up and get the app right now only!!

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