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You probably spend a third of your life resting on your mattress. Would it come as a shock to you to find out that most mattresses are dirty and covered with all kinds of contamination such as dust mites, flakes of decaying skin, viruses, fungi, dust mite excrement… the list goes on. Every time you roll over in your sleep, you could be inhaling these things, leading to illness and irritation. If you have any medical conditions such as asthma, this could be made worse by your mattress, and it’s a fact that 85% of people are allergic to dust mite excrement. A cleaner mattress may not eliminate something like asthma, but it may go some way towards relief from symptoms at night. When you book a mattress cleaning in Perth with Deluxe Mattress, you're guaranteed a fantastically fresh and hygienic result. Our mattress cleaning service clears 99% of spores, viruses and bacteria, as well as removing dust mites and their excrement. We will then treat your mattress to help prevent further build of up debris over time. Of course nothing can prevent dust mites from invading your mattress permanently, so that’s why we recommend cleaning your mattress regularly. Our mattress cleaning method uses heat and suction to totally clean the mattress, and we use anti-allergen sprays before and after the process to help reduce allergies. We will also include a deodorizer to bring back a fresh smell to your mattress as if it were new. Call us on 1800 071 250   for further details.



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