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Marathonomachon - Eptalofou
Marathonomachon - Eptalofou
Athens, 15124
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+30 6 949 818 278

iTechscope is the first IT Recruitment company established in Greece. We are based in Athens and offer Human Resources Services covering the sectors of IT and Telecommunications. Large Greek and International companies find in us an indispensible and valuable partner while job seekers discover an experienced ally in the process of finding the ideal position.

Our specialised team assesses the qualifications of potential candidates individually and acts as the catalyst in bringing them in contact with employers looking for them.

We can reach a vast array of vacant positions and professional candidates in the fields of IT and Telecommunications. We cover vacancies from the largest Telecommunication companies and IT departments of Greek and European companies such as Software Engineers, Web Developers/Designers, Systems/Network Administrators, DBAs, Testers, Support/Field Engineers, Consultants, Analysts, PMs, Operations/Product Managers, Senior Executives, plus more.

We aim to work closely with you towards achieving the desired results as this is very important to us. Our common goal is to cover successfully employers' vacancy needs and help candidates find appropriate positions.

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