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1. This statute applies to an international organization which shall bear the name of: Association of International Librarians and Information Specialists.
2. The aim of the Association is to promote co-operation among international libraries.
3. The working languages of the Association are English and French.
4. The Association shall consist of:
a) the General Assembly, to which belong all Association members ;
b) the Executive Committee, of at least five members, elected for three years by the General Assembly, including the President, one or more Vice-Presidents, one or more Secretaries and the Treasurer;
c) an auditor, elected for three years by the General Assembly.
5. The following may become members of the Association on recommendation of the Executive Committee:
libraries of international organizations, in particular those of intergovernmental organizations ;
all other libraries whose international character is recognized by the Executive Committee ; 
all persons who may contribute to promote the aims set forth in Article 2, in particular those who are professionally associated with the libraries described in the
present Article ; 

the organizations to which these libraries are attached may become supporting members.
6. The General Assembly shall meet once a year. It shall approve the annual report, the accounts for the past year and the budget submitted by the Executive Committee. Subject to the provisions of Article 9, whenever voting takes place in the General Assembly, a simple majority of the members present or represented by proxy is required. In case of a tie, the President shall have a casting vote.
7. Current affairs are directed by the Executive Committee, which shall meet at least once a year.

8. Amendements to the Statutes, as well as a decision to dissolve the Association, shall be approved by the General Assembly. In either case, a two-thirds majority of members present or represented by proxy shall be required.

9. In case of dissolution of the Association, the General Assembly shall decide on the disposal of the available funds.

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