WhatVacancy is a Malta based innovative startup that can help you with your HR sourcing strategies of your organization. 

We are not like any other job portal. In fact we are the world's unique job matching platform. We have been recently featured on Malta's most popular tech TV programme (https://gadgetsmalta.com/general/tinder-for-jobs-swipe-right-on-your-new-career/) and have already amassed tens of thousands of views.

But why WhatVacancy? Upon posting a new job on WhatVacancy, our platform will automatically match you with the most ideal candidates for the job. We match candidates automatically through an AI algorithm, based on their skills, experience and the cultural values. We explain how it works in this article (https://www.whatvacancy.com/blog/quickstart-for-employers/).

Furthermore, you are able to approach candidates and invite them directly to apply for your job listing. Our system fully supports Applicant Tracking Systems - so if you prefer, applicants can be redirected immediately to your HR solution when they apply for your job.

WhatVacancy is the job portal of choice by thousands of Maltese and expats living in Malta.

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