Hire globally without local entities with Remote!

Remote handles the complexities of international employment — including payroll, taxes, 
 benefits, and compliance — so you can focus 
 on growing your business.  

  • Hire and pay with confidence in 50+ countries
  • Onboard employees 
in minutes
  • Fair price guarantee means no gotchas or hidden fees

Your trusted HR team in every country. As the Employer of Record (EOR), Remote fully owns and operates entities in the markets we serve so you don’t have to. You’ll save time and money while protecting your business and employees.

Competitive local benefits: We offer comprehensive coverage at rates meant 
 for larger groups — even if you’re still a small team.

World-class service: Get personalized service from our HR and legal experts during every step of your global hiring journey.

Compliance with local laws: We do the work to understand and proactively act on local labor and tax law requirements so you don’t have to.

Ironclad IP and invention protection: Retain full ownership of your IP and invention rights in every country where you operate.

Fair and transparent pricing: Our fair price guarantee means you can say goodbye 
 to 3rd party markups, hidden fees, and upfront deposits.

Stock options and equity support: We help you understand tax treatment in each country so you can offer the best plans and packages.

Finding the best person for the job regardless of location is the goal. Feeling empowered to manage every aspect of global HR and make them feel like a VIP is the icing on the cake. This is where Remote shines:

  • Country-specific benefits packages
  • Simple payroll processing
  • Local tax management
  • Time off and expenses
  • Proactive compliance monitoring
  • Fast and painless self-onboarding

Get Started now! Visit Remote.com to learn more, sign up, onboard your first employee, or schedule a free international expansion consultation.


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