Albaraa Travel Egypt“ Is a Total Egyptian Travel Service Agency.

Having E.T.A.A (Egyptian Travel Agent Association) registration NO: 1716.

IATA License Number: 9022441

It is an established Tourism and Travel Agency in Egypt with professional employees with experience in tourism business & leisure for more than over 15 years.

We offer our clients a variety of tourist products as follows:

  • Culture Tourism (complete coverage of all ancient and historical monuments)
  • Recreation Tourism (Beach holidays, Mediterranean and the Red Sea)
  • Curative Tourism (therapeutics of mineral, springs, spas and white-hot sands
  • Religious Tourism (Route of the Holy Family to Egypt, Coptic, Hajj and Umra)
  • Sports Tourism (windsurfing, diving, snorkelling, golfing and yacht)
  • Safari & adventure tours (the Adventure safari to the Eastern and Western deserts and oases.

Shore Excursions & Port trips

  • Luxury & budget Nile Cruises and LakeCruises
  • Disabled Tours with special equipment (Wheelchair users )
  • Entertainment Programs (Belly dance, Horse show, Sound and Light show at the Pyramids)

Conference and exhibition arrangements

Albaraa Travel Egypt offers you great value for your money.
To relay on experience is definitely you rely on honesty, reliability, credibility and financial stability.
As a reputable Egyptian tour operator.

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