Taiwan Adventist International School is the first international boarding school to open in Nantou County. Established in 2008, the aim is to prepare students for success in their future, wherever that may take them. To this end, a strong focus is on holistic education, mind, body, and spirit. Students are nurtured and led to create strong habits and character traits that will serve them throughout their lives.

TAIS offers a comprehensive university admissions department that helps students prepare and apply to colleges and universities abroad. Alumni of TAIS are in many colleges and universities in the US, plus Belgium, Switzerland, England, Australia, and many other places around the world. We are truly an international school representing many nationalities and cultures. 

Mission: The mission of TAIS is to empower and motivate its students to develop wisdom, live healthfully, care for others, and know God. We offer a holistic education engineered towards preparing students for a successful future. 



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